I found this great blog, the Covert Rationing Blog,


when on Sermo, (on-line physician site), at http://www.sermo.com/

Especially pertinent (in the Covert Rationing Blog) is a posting that Dr. Fogoros (Dr. Rich) wrote on July 12, 2010:  E&M Guidelines Undermine Patient Care, and That’s The Point.  It talks about some very scary issues regarding E&M coding and upcoming RAC audits from Medicare contractors, who are paid as bounty hunters for catching physicians, (who have to play this ridiculous coding and documenting game, if they participate in Medicare).

I go to work, think that everything looks normal, and ask myself why I am changing what doesn’t look broken.  Then I think about this RAC stuff, and realize how broken Medicare is.  This stuff started before PPACA (Obamacare).


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